Rules for 2019.


CRO ORC D-Marin Cup is a series of the most important ORC regattas in Croatia. Its goal is to promote and develop competitive sailing following ORC rules and regulations through cooperation of clubs organizing the regattas and under supervision of Croatian Sailing Federation.


1.1 All boats with valid ORC International and ORC Club certificates can compete in the D-Marin ORC Croatian Cup. All crew members must be verified by their national Federations. Certificates for the sailboats in the competition must not be older than 3 years.

1.1 a) All the regattas must have: a shared start, equal course for all sailboats and final results according to the overall ranking.

1.1 b) Exceptionally, if a larger number of sailboats has been registered, a system of competition with separate courses and results only for groups can be applied.

1.1 c) Sailboats can be divided into groups if regatta meets conditions in 1.1 b), in the following manner:

Group A: 16.500 >= CDL >11.620
Group B: 11.620 >= CDL > 9.800

Group C: 9.800 >= CDL > 8.600
In the case of regattas with category coefficient of 0.5, the Technical Committee can change the line of division in to groups up to a month before the day of the competition.

1.1 d) The organizer can divide the sailboats into groups even not in compliance with 1.1 b), but only if in compliance with 1.1 a), and that division can get points for D-Marin ORC Croatian Cup if there are at least five (5) sailboats in each aforementioned group in the first regatta of the Cup.

1.2 For each regatta, the standard Notice of Race and standard Sailing Instructions under the ORC Championship Rules (“Green Book”) are applied. 



CRO ORC D-Marin Cup regattas for 2019 are:

Dates Regatta
09.03 - 10.03. Zadar ORC Cup
10.04 - 13.04. 23. Easter regatta
03.05 - 05.05. Šibenik ORC Cup - Pre worlds
13.11 - 15.11. National Championship



3.1 The Membership Fee for CRO ORC D-Marin Cup for 2019. is 1000,00 kn. The Membership Fee is linked to privately-owned boats or to the name of the skipper for the crews that participate with rented boats.

3.2 The Entry Fee for the regattas in the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup for 2019., not including National Championship, is not charged to the members of the CRO ORC Association. The Entry Fee for National Championship for the members of the CRO ORC Association is 100 kn per person on the sailboat.

3.3 The Entry Fee for the regattas in the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup for 2019., including National Championship, for the non-member crews is 200,00 kn per person on the boat.

3.4 Every boat competing in a regatta of the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup will participate in tracker cost with 150,00 kn per regatta.


4.1 The results for the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup are calculated accodring to the same points system for the boats and for the skippers.
The results for the boats include the boats disregarding the skippers for individual regattas.
The skippers competing in the skipper ranking must, except when necessary, be on the helm of the boat from the warning signal until the finish of the competition (sailing).

4.2 If 1.1 a) is applied, then sailboats and the skippers win points for the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup based on the final positions in the total ranking.

4.3 If 1.1 b) and 1.1 c) is applied, then boats and the skipper win points for the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup based on the final positions in their group.


5.1 CRO ORC D-Marin Cup: This category awards sailboats that compete in all regattas with a Croatian skipper and where more than half the crew member are Croatian.

5.2 CRO ORC D-Marin Cup International: This category awards the best skippers and crews in the total ranking regardless of their nationality.

5.3 In each regatta of the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup whose points are counted toward the CRO ORC D-Marin Cup International, the first three skippers will receive cups, and the crews medals, regardless of the nationality of the crew members.